google analyticsUnderstanding Google Analytics

With billions of people on Earth and an estimated fifty 57,000 square miles of land, who’d have thought that it’d be possible to interact with practically every individual from the convenience of your office or house? More than ever before, a lot more people own computers with internet connections and are browsing the web. With billions of web users jumping from site to site, there’ll be those who will stumble upon your website and you will want to track them with Google Analytics.

The question is, do you know who is visiting your website? Are you getting reports showing your visitors and other data? If not, then as a business owner you have to find the appropriate solution to track visitors on your website. One that will be able to tell you everything about your customers, like what they are doing when they visit your website or how long they’re staying on your website? What links are they clicking on? Every one of those questions and more need to be answered. So if you are likely to use web analytics tools, use the best provided by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is Free

Google is a multi-billion dollar business that has the expertise to craft excellent website visitor monitoring tools for all webmasters and business owners everywhere. These flexible web analytics tools have a range of features including fast execution, geo-targeting, customizable dashboards and more. The best part about Google Analytics is that it’s free.

First, if you can gather important info like what your main exit pages are, then you can optimize these pages for preserving your traffic. Second, if you have advertisements on your website, you can use the website overlay feature to see what hyperlinks your customers have a tendency to click the most and you can reposition these links and place advertisements there to raise your ad revenue exponentially. You see, Google Analytics can give you tons of valuable information. This information may increase the productivity and effectiveness of your website. However, I must say that there might be somewhat of a learning curve to using it.

Do you want to become a Google Analytics Expert?

You may need to visit the Google Analytics Help Center or take free online courses at the Google Analytics Academy. Once you learn how to effectively use the tools, then you can implement it on your website and optimize it. If you don’t have the time or desire to become an expert then you can hire us here at Hillclimb Design and we’ll do it for you. 

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