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About Us


Hillclimb Design, LLC is a web design and digital marketing company founded in 2009 by Brenda El-Ghazzawy. Located in the Seattle metro area, Hillclimb Design has worked with small to medium-sized businesses throughout the USA. We  specialize in creating high-functioning custom-made WordPress websites for businesses that need to either start or improve their online presence.

When starting Hillclimb Design, we wanted to be different than other companies, and that’s why we guarantee the best customer support during the web design process, and stand by our products we build for you once the process ends. Providing this excellent support has given us the opportunity to work with a wide range of businesses from landscapers to surgeons. When you decide your online presence needs a refresh, contact us and we’re here to help you.

Hillclimb Design is a Leader in User-Centered Design


We founded Hillclimb Design on the idea that good design becomes intuitive. Studies show that our attention spans on the web are becoming shorter. So it’s important to design websites that are user-friendly and focused. How do people read online? They don’t. Most people skim websites while engaging in other tasks. We at Hillclimb Design make sure we bubble up the most important information on your website so we engage your users. With our user-centered design expertise, we make sure we design every element on your website with purpose. Since we keep users’ tasks and goals the main focus when designing, our websites are modern and user friendly.

Our Digital Marketing Services


It’s not enough to have a good looking website – people have to be able to find it. That’s why  we optimize every website we design for search engines like Google. We can give you recommendations for helping your website get ranked in search results with on-page optimizations, off-page optimizations, and technical SEO which includes faster page load speeds and mobile websites for increased conversions.

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