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The digital revolution has influenced just about each and every aspect of everyday life including business management. Virtually each and every business organization has its own website and as such, it is important for business organizations to learn and understand various website management solutions available out there. WordPress is an effective PHP based website and blog creation solution that has been designed to significantly simplify the task of web creation. This article will explore several advantages of using WordPress for website creation and management of websites within the business.

Non-proprietary software

One of the main advantages of using WordPress is the fact that unlike many other website creation tools out there that are proprietary in nature, WordPress is an open source software. This therefore implies that your business organization will not have to part with a lot of money in license fees. Furthermore, the open source market is becoming one of the most preferred software markets in the globe due to the superior nature of open source products.

Novice oriented

One of the most notable aspects with respect to most web development applications out there is the fact that most of these software solutions are not designed for the non-technical guys. It is indeed true that most business managers do not posses advanced IT skills and are thus referred to as novice users. However, WordPress is a novice oriented software solution that is designed to enable just about any user to easily develop and maintain their websites. Most business managers will therefore be in a position to easily deploy this software solution in the creation and maintenance of their websites and web blogs.

Cloud oriented

WordPress is an internet based website management solution. This implies that as a user, you can carry on the task of managing your website from any computer provided that it has an internet connection. This enhances the overall convenience of the software solution.

Enhanced blogging capabilities

One of the most important things to note with respect to WordPress is that the website management tool was originally designed as a blogging platform. In light of this fact, WordPress features several components that serve to enhance its overall blogging capabilities. For instance, users can easily set up RSS based subscription features, commenting functions and other such tasks that are integral for a typical blog site.

Supports multiple users

One thing that sets WordPress apart from many other website management tools out there is that the software allows multiple user access and as such, several people can participate in the task of website development and management. A single user is designated the role of the administrator and thus can define the access privileges of other users.

Search engine friendly

WordPress features what can be described as a search engine friendly code. All this simply means is that the code used in the development of the website management tool features a design that is specifically geared towards ensuring that search engines such as Google and Bing are able to easily identify WordPress based websites. This implies that your business website will be easily accessible to other people through search engines.
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