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Why Does My WordPress Site Have Skype Click to Call?

Since WordPress is my website and blogging tool of choice, I was recently surprised when I went to finish a client’s WordPress site and noticed that all the phone numbers were Skype Click to Call enabled even though I never added a plugin or coded the site to include this feature. I also noticed that the Skype Click to Call feature was only enabled when I viewed the site in Firefox and not in Chrome or Safari. After doing a bit of research and reading  this article,  I found that Firefox has a Skype extension that was enabled on my computer. This is what I did to disable the extension: Tools > Add-ons > Extenstions > Disable Skype Click to Call

Easy, problem solved, right?

Well, not really. I had to take it one step further because I logged into my WordPress panel and saw Skype Click to Call code injected onto some, but not all pages that had phone numbers. This is what it looked like:  

 Bye, Bye Skype

I looked at the code on every page of the site and removed all Skype Click to Call code. I tested the site in Firefox and it appears the problem is solved for now, although I was worried my site had been hacked or will be more vulnerable to hacking in the future. I did a full scan of my computer with Malwarebytes and then my site files with Backup Buddy and everything looked clean. I also looked at the code in every file on the site to make sure there wasn’t a javascript injection of some sort – all seemed clear. I think what happened is the Skype Click to Call browser plugin changes the markup if it sees a pattern in the markup it recognizes – like a phone number. If you happen to be editing content in your WordPress admin panel, when you save it becomes permanent content since it will be saved in the database. Overall it’s a pretty benign issue to have with your website, so if you disable the Skype extension in whatever browser you’re using and remove all of the Click to Call code from your pages, you should be good to go. Have you ever experienced this problem? I would love to hear your thoughts.
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