Top 5 Tips On How To Blog Better With WordPress

Are you tired of articles that tell you to “Just Write Good Content” and the rest will follow? Me too, so in this article I intend to give you practical and useful tips for cranking out good blog content quickly. If you’re like me and just starting to create a daily blogging habit, you’re asking “But where do I start?” Most of the time I feel like I have writer’s block and nothing to say, not a great combo! So here we go!

1. Research, Research and More Research

If you need ideas and topics for your blog, then start reading articles that interest you. This may sound silly, but I get a lot of my industry information from people I follow on Twitter. If you find people you like to follow on Twitter then you can see what information is trending in your field. Another good way to read about what’s going on in your field is to subscribe to blogs that interest you so that new blog posts are sent directly to your in-box and you can stay on top of information you find interesting. Read as much as you can so you can start generating ideas.

2. Create Drafts in WordPress

Every time you find interesting information that may lead to a good blog article, go into your WordPress admin panel and create a Post. If you save your Post as a Draft then you can come back to it when you’re ready to write the article. You can even change the title of your article later – just leave a single idea or a link with an idea that you can come back to later.

3. Use These Great Blog Post Ideas

If you’ve researched like crazy and are still stuck on ideas for your next blog post, give these idea starters a try:

  • What Do____And____Have In Common?
  • Here’s A Quick Way To Solve____.
  • 10 Ways To____.

Heck, go ahead and even use my title above “Top 5 Tips On ____”. All that matters is that you get started and you get started NOW.

4. Don’t Try To Be Perfect

If you’re a self-conscious perfectionist like me, you may spend most of your time on trying to find the right words, but you know what, fugget about it! You’re not writing your college thesis, so stop trying to be perfect, nobody cares!

5. Publish and Publish Often

See that little blue button in your WordPress panel that says “Publish”? Well go to town and hit that baby like there’s no tomorrow. The reality is that static websites do not attract many new clients or customers, but an active blog can produce traffic and good leads from around the globe.

Have Any Tips To Share?
I would love to hear them!

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