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Advantages of Using WordPress for a Business Website standard

The digital revolution has influenced just about each and every aspect of everyday life including business management. Virtually each and every business organization has its own website and as such, it is important for business organizations to learn and understand various website management solutions available out there. WordPress is an effective PHP based website and blog creation solution that has been designed to significantly simplify the task of web creation. This article will explore several advantages of using WordPress for website creation and management of websites within the business. Non-proprietary software One of the main advantages of using WordPress is the fact that unlike many other website creation tools out there that are proprietary in nature, WordPress is an open ...

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5 Tips From Professional Web Design Experts standard

5 Tips From Professional Web Design Experts The goal of every web designer is to create sites that are inviting, easy-to-use and guide the user to what they are looking for. While getting this just right for each site will be a different challenge each time, there are a few universal tips that professional web designers always follow. Create a Professional and Polished Logo A logo is a critical element of any brand. Either create an appropriate logo from scratch or ensure that the existing logo is suitable and polished enough for use on the site. A website should display the owner’s logo prominently on each page. It is also a great idea to use the logo as a link ...

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Why Does My WordPress Site Have Skype Click to Call? standard

Why Does My WordPress Site Have Skype Click to Call? Since WordPress is my website and blogging tool of choice, I was recently surprised when I went to finish a client’s WordPress site and noticed that all the phone numbers were Skype Click to Call enabled even though I never added a plugin or coded the site to include this feature. I also noticed that the Skype Click to Call feature was only enabled when I viewed the site in Firefox and not in Chrome or Safari. After doing a bit of research and reading¬† this article,¬† I found that Firefox has a Skype extension that was enabled on my computer. This is what I did to disable the extension: ...

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