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Professional Web Design: Is It Important? standard

Welcome to Hillclimb Design, a full-service professional web design and digital marketing company for all your business needs. From user-centered and intuitive web design to cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, we are your partner for success in today's ever-changing digital world. Our comprehensive services delivered by experienced professional web design and digital marketing experts will help your business receive the attention it deserves while driving your business goals. Why Is Professional Web Design and Development Important? You are a business owner, entrepreneur or marketing director and you need your website built, refreshed or edited. You don't have the budget to put a professional web design and marketing expert on your payroll, so how do you get someone to work on your website? You ...

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5 Tips From Professional Web Design Experts standard

5 Tips From Professional Web Design Experts The goal of every web designer is to create sites that are inviting, easy-to-use and guide the user to what they are looking for. While getting this just right for each site will be a different challenge each time, there are a few universal tips that professional web designers always follow. Create a Professional and Polished Logo A logo is a critical element of any brand. Either create an appropriate logo from scratch or ensure that the existing logo is suitable and polished enough for use on the site. A website should display the owner’s logo prominently on each page. It is also a great idea to use the logo as a link ...

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Less Is More standard

Less Is More Visual design is used in web design to help guide people through a website by conveying structure and relative importance of items while trying to provide hooks so people dive deep into a site. Visual design also helps express the message and style, and breathes life into a site. One basic tool used in visual design is color. Many times people go overboard when designing websites by using too much color in text, headers and backgrounds. Here is an extreme example of a site that is out of control in its use of color. Color is much more powerful when it’s used sparingly. Have you ever noticed that web giants like Google use very little color in ...

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